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Cleaning Instructions

Learn how to safely and effectively clean OTR filters.  Keeping your OTR Filters clean is going to maintain the high performance these filters offer!

  • 1. Remove dirty filters from your vehicle.

  • 2.
    • A) If using compressed air (no more than 60 P.S.I.) blow air from inside of the filter to the outside until all dirt and dust is removed.

    • B) If using water, pre-soak filter media with cool or warm water. Spray a mild, multi-purpose cleaner (we like Zep Degreaser, its botanical) on both sides of the filter element/media. Rinse the filter from the clean side out until the water coming out of the filter is totally clear.

    • C) Allow your filter to dry completely before using. Do not use heat or hot air. Placing the filter in front of a portable household fan will help speed drying time.

If you are cleaning our sprint car filter model with water, we strongly suggest you place it on a flat surface such as a table, driveway, or shop floor before you begin cleaning. Due to the weight of the filter when it is soaked with water, it may be possible to damage (crack / split) its rubber seals by handling it when wet. We suggest pre-soaking, spraying, and rinsing, all while the filter lies on a flat surface.