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OTR Filters

Feel the difference quality
filters make by choosing one
OTR's innovative filters
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For over 30 years we have been
producing top of the line filters for
many industries.   Now is your time
to experience the difference
OTR Filters make.

   See what are customers are saying about OTR-Filters!


 “You guys really have something with your filter!  Throttle hesitation is gone and I really noticed an improvement in mid-range RPM”
  -Jim Johnston #93 J, Can-Am BRP Dirt Late Models
“We put on our OTR sprint car filter for the Knoxville Nationals. We didn’t clean the filter element the whole time we were at Knoxville.  After three days of racing, there was no dirt inside the butterflies.  This filter works well and we seem to have more power.  We like it!”
  -Sam Hafertepe Jr., Plumbfast Racing Team, World of Outlaws Sprint Car #15h
“Just finished the last test ‘n tune session at Humberstone Speedway.  We had to richen up the carb four jet sizes and we have better throttle response since putting on our OTR filter.”
  -Al Harju, Vintage Modified #62

"When we were approached to try the new OTR Filter for our Dirt 358 Modified we didn’t know much about the product.  Before installing the filter we were told that oiling was not necessary.  We were kind of skeptical about the filter when we heard no oil was needed.  At the completion of the event the carburetor was inspected to find zero traces of dirt.  A decision was made to use the same filter for night two.  Once again, upon inspection of the carburetor at the end of the night, there was zero traces of dirt.  OTR Filters get the job done!"

  -Chris Steele - #17 358 Dirt Modified, #80 360 Sprint Car, #80 Modified Lite 

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