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Installation Instructions

 Below you'll find detailed instructions on how to install your new OTR Filters.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance!

Sprint Car Filter Kit and Installation Tools -

OTR Sprint Filter Kit

Installation Instructions

1. Place your velocity stacks (ram tubes) through the Seals-It stack seals and then re-insert
     your stacks back into the injector manifold and tighten the stack clamps.

sprint car filter kit2. Slide the Seals-It stack seals up to the top of your stacks until
    the bell mouth sits flush inside the stack seals.

sprint car filter kit3. Place your sprint car filters bottom plate on top of the stack
    seals and carefully trace around their position on the bottom
    of the plate.

sprint car filter kit4. Place the outer part of your "Figure 8" template inside each
    marked oval on the bottom place and mark out the "Figure 8".

 OTR sprint car filter kit5. Next, place your inner template inside each marked "Figure 8"
    and mark the center point for your hole saw cut.

sprint car filter kit6.  Using a 3.75" hole saw (you can also use a jigsaw instead of a
     hole saw) cut the 4 "Figure 8's" out of the bottom plate.
         OTR Filters Sprint Car Filter    OTR Filter Sprint car filter kit
    It may help to locate the holesaw if you first drill a pilot hole in the center point mark.

OTR sprint car filter kit 7. Place the stack seals in the bottom sprint car filter kit plate and
    drill your rivet holes.

sprint car filter kit8. Run a very small bead of RTV silicone around the outside of the
    "Figure 8" on the bottom of each stack seal.

sprint car filter kit9. Insert your stack seals into the bottom    sprint car filter kit
    plate, rivet all the holes, reassemble
    bottom plate/ram tubes/injector
    manifold, adjust filter height, install top
    plate and go racing!

                                                                                                                        sprint car filter kit


                                                                                                                                 sprint car filter kit